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Schedule Your Big Beautiful Hair Braid and Get a FREE Island Scented Maui Diva Clip 

with a Full Island Braids Style.

Get the braids you always wanted but never did have. Click here for more information.

Island Braids Extensions & Maui Diva Clips

Adorn the hair you wear with a classic Maui Diva Clip and watch the compliments keeping rolling in at every turn. Look picture perfect even when you don't know you are being watched. 

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Bridal Hairstyles & Maui Diva Clips

Are you getting Maui'd to the love of your life. My Maui Diva Clips add a touch of elegance to any bridal style and they will never wilt away. On top of that they can be great anchors for keeping your hair in place when it starts to get windy and if you are on Maui it will start to get windy sooner or later.

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Braids by the Beach & 

Maui Diva Clips

Look your beautiful best in and out of the water with my hand crafted Island Braids Cornrows adorned with an elegant Maui Diva Clip. Imagine the selfies you'll take because everyone will no that you are in Hawaii relaxing in style!

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Click here to make an appointment for Island Braids with Aviella Aloha Stylist to the Stars 

Dreadlocks for him and HER, Click here for more information about my Island Braids for Men