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Aviella Aloha, known locally as  (Auntie Taz ) is CEO and president of Urban n Island Consortium Distribution Company, a black owned Hawaii based business erected from the sands of Maui! The business has a specialty gift store promoting self made brands and other quality hand crafted items for all gifting occasions. Urban n Island was founded January 13, 2010 by Ms. Aloha, a God fearing graduate of Maui's own IBS School of Cosmetology & Massage, Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO, International Air and Hospitality Academy, Vancouver, WA, and Disney University, Orlando, FL. She is a Certified Mixologist dedicated to a lifetime of learning.

Aviella Aloha

Owner , Creator, Director of Marketing

Aviella Aloha Stylist to the Stars of Maui designs elegant silk flower hair clips for the who's who on Maui. Now you can have one too. Add Island Scents Alcohol Free fragrance oil to your Maui Made gift and smell like a walking garden in paradise.

 If you will be visiting the island this season and are staying on the West side of Maui in Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Napili or Kapalua stop by the Sunday Craft Fair across the street from the Banyan Tree Park on Front Street to take advantage of the Deals of the Day. Aviella Aloha Designs are $18.00 each or 2 for $35.00.

My Island Scents

Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good

Pat Moore is Chief Editor and creator of the new Urban & Island Product Magazine and mother to Ms.Aloha. Recently retired after 50 years of service she has moved to Maui to lend her many talents in Legal, Medical, Stock Brokerage, Workers' Compensation, Administrative Assistance and Van Pool Coordination towards the Urban n Island vision. Born again Christian believer on a mission to help others.

Born in St. Louis, MO, the eldest of fourteen siblings, Pat has always had a passion to be a career woman and own a business herself. Mother of two, a son and daughter, and grandmother to three grandchildren. Her favorite pass time is singing and praising God!

Pat Moore

Chief Editor and Board Member

See What People Are Saying

"I never dreamed about success, I worked for it"

Even though the future seems far away it is actually beginning right now!

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

My Vision for the FUTURE 

Dear Universe,

Today is April 14, 2018. I come boldly once again to declare the desires of my heart.  Help me to use my God given talents and developed skill sets to add value to the lives of my customers. Let each hand crafted product that I make with my aloha inspire its buyer and  nurture its user. Give me favor with boutique shops on and off island both foreign and domestic. Let's get Aviella Aloha gifts all around the world by 2025! If there is any person in need of a financial blessing let them join the Urban-n-Island Consortium and market, promote and sell Island Scents Maui products alongside their own sponsored products to their love ones and others inside their sphere of influence. Send eagles to help me spread a little ALOHA AROUND THE WORLD. In return for these resources I will become a resource for travelers to Maui offering services in the field of  Hair Design, Wig Making, Customer Service, Educational seminars and workshops.  

 I believe that the resources for the realization of each goal is in route to me. My faith is so strong  I can see it with my eyes, I can touch it with my hands. Bless me with supreme emotional intelligence, resolve, peace of mind and one true soul mate life partner.  Thank you for your support! Aloha Madam Universe... I FEEL GOOD Diva.

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